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At COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL), our team has a sense of purpose in delivering solutions beyond the expectations of our clients. So we invest in our technical and business understanding and cultivate lasting relationships with our clients and project communities.
We have great expertise in the fields of building, infrastructure and environmental engineering and through our own endeavors and by working with partners to form professional consortiums, we have experience of large, medium and small projects.
COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) has the following sub-divisions through which we put our expertise to work;

Building Development/
Construction Engineering

COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) has over the years been involved in the development and construction of;

  • Private Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Public Buildings

The developments have included the provision of such infrastructures like connecting roads, drainages and street lighting. We have been involved in the planning, design, construction and management of over four (4) low cost Housing estates around Nigeria.
Our work range involves multi-storey buildings consisting of 3-Bedroom Units, 4-Bedroom Units, Detached and Semi-detached duplexes and bungalows. We also have over the years been involved either wholly or as subcontractors in the Construction of Schools, Warehouses, hotels and hospitals.
Our team of building experts and Joint Venture Partners give us an edge at delivering self sustainable building projects. Our Joint Venture Partners include Architects, Design consultants and Land surveyors; all of them with several years of technical experience that offer up-to-date solutions to man’s many housing problems.

Environmental Development

COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) has over the years been able to provide solutions in the field of flood and erosion control across the country. We are challenged to provide for our clients and partners, high quality places where people wish to live and have opportunities to make a reasonable living. We have a team of experts who proffer solutions based on site investigation, risk assessment, planning of resettlement policies and implementation construction.

Our Environmental development section is involved in but not limited to the following;

  • Flood and Erosion control works
  • Land Reclamation
  • Environmental planning and beautification
  • Investigation and clean up of polluted land areas
  • Liability assessments in relation to land acquisition and maintenance.
  • Decontamination of former military and heavy industry sites
  • Clean-up of land contaminated by pests.
  • Development of derelict sites for commercial use and residential housing.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Urban regeneration and renewal.
  • Landscape design and delivery.

Our team of experts includes town planners, urban designers, traffic and transportation planners, landscape architects, infrastructure engineers, geotechnical and contaminated land specialists, and environmental specialists. We hold a commitment to quality at all levels and our policy is to ensure that each project is completed on time, within budget and in accordance with client needs and international standards.

InfrastructurE Development

Our Infrastructure Development Section at COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) is involved in various aspects of man’s basic amenities like portable water supply, transportation systems, healthcare facilities, information technology and rural electrification.
We run a wide but stable selection under our infrastructure development and as a result, we have adequate technical experience to cover our tracks.

Transportation Systems

COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) undertakes a lot of engineering services, project management and construction works in areas like highway development and maintenance, construction of aviation facilities like Hangars, Aprons and port drainage facilities.
Our services include;

Power and Telecoms Infrastructure

At COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL), we have several years’ experience in the delivery of project management and construction services to the various aspects of power generation and distribution, renewable energy and the information technology field. Some of our services include but not limited to the following;

  • Construction of Reinforced concrete bases for telecom masts and satellite infrastructures.
  • Fabrication and installation of steel members for low and high rise telecom masts.
  • Engineering design and development of solar power generation for ALL purposes.

COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) also undertakes the engineering survey, procurement and construction of various rural electrification projects around the country. Our job description involves the construction of concrete bases and poles for electrical installations like transformers and stringing of transmission lines, design and construction of central power stations. We are also involved in rural electrification ranging from 5 km to hundreds of Km.

Water Development

Water is perhaps one of man’s most important natural resource, yet demands for the supply of portable water to grow. At COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL), we are at the forefront of water resources management with experts in hydrogeology, groundwater exploration, public and private water supply schemes, and water engineering.
We work hard to bring together the right people into a project team which can apply our wealth of experience. This enables us to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions which are always fully focused on the customer’s needs and priorities.
Our water supply schemes range from surface water hydrology to underground aquifers. We are also involved in the purification of such water through the use of water treatment plants and other chemical processes.
Our services under water include but not limited to the following;

  • Underground water exploration and analysis.
  • Construction and maintenance of water supply schemes
  • Construction and maintenance of water storage reservoirs
  • Design and construction of Boreholes and ancillaries
  • Procurement and installation of industrial pumps and fittings
  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of water treatment plants
  • Construction of small Earth Dams
  • Environmental impact assessment specific to the water environment

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Our journey at Cophalt Engineering Company Limited (CECOL) has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence. It is this unwavering commitment that has made us a renowned name in the industry, widely recognized for our innovative solutions. Our relentless dedication to quality, precision, and innovation has forged our path to becoming leaders in our field.

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