Creating Solutions Beyond Your Imagination
Creating Solutions Beyond Your Imagination

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Welcome to COPHALT Engineering Company Limited (CECOL)

CECOL is a limited liability engineering company whose main business pursuit is in Engineering Procurement, Construction and Management. CECOL was formed through a union of highly dedicated, experienced, and versatile experts in order to set a pace in the Engineering procurement and construction sector in Nigeria. The board has gone through a series of professional consultations aimed at helping us achieve our mission statement, maintaining standard work ethics, and advance according to global trends.
At CECOL, we have a team of qualified and highly experienced personnel who handle our various business developments and construction projects.

Cophalt Worker
Cophalt Vision Statement

To deliver life enhancement solutions through quality products and services.

Cophalt Ethics

To be global leaders in the promotion, execution and successful delivery
of cost effective solutions within the limits of international
standards and value for resources.

Cophalt Mission Statement
We have our ethics embedded in strict adherence to the rules and regulations for the delivery of engineering services both in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Services

Infrastructure development

CECOL has over the years been able to provide solutions in the field of flood and erosion control across the country. We are challenged to provide for our clients and partners, high quality places where people wish to live and have opportunities to make a reasonable living.

Building development

CECOL has over the years been involved in the development and construction of;

  • Private Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Public Buildings

The developments have included the provision of such infrastructures like connecting roads, drainage and street lighting.

product development

With decades of experience in product design engineering, we have the experience to handle any type of development program. From traditional CAD support to complete production ready databases, our diverse team of mechanical and electrical engineers can provide a full range of activities.

green cophalt and automation services

CECOL has been involved in various power projects, Independent Power Project from mini power plant to major plant, using free energy (solar) or fossil fuel. With our wealth of expertise and partners, we have also proven our proficiency in power transmission and distribution. Installation of substation, Resistor bank,